Ele Activity

A once-in-a-lifetime experience with elephants

Meet elephants at their farm! Let us enjoy the whole experience and get to know the kind, peaceful, and majestic pachyderms.

You will have an afternoon of complicity with your elephant. You will give her her favourite snack before she takes you on a selected time  trip into the region surrounding Amber.

You will try the traditional art of elephant painting (with natural colours) and bring out your inner artist to create a living postcard to share to your friends and family!

Then there’s your elephant’s favourite part: the shower! Clean her up and have some fun with her!

Timings: flexible between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.  (everyday upon availability, booking is required)

Meeting point : At your Door Step. Contact with us, Provide Pick and Drop Facility

  • Rs. 2800 per person-In Summers Indian (Adult)
  • Rs. 1400 per person-In Summers Indian (Child under 12 years)
  • Free for Indian (Child under 5 years)
  • Rs. 3100 per person-In Summers Foreigner (Adult)
  • Rs. 2100 per person-In Summers Foreigner (Child under 12 years)
  • Free per person-In Summers Foreigner (Child under 5 years)
  • Rs. 2500 per person-In Winters Indian (Adult)
  • Rs. 1100 per person-In Winters Indian (Child under 12 years)
  • Rs. 2700 per person-In Winters Foreigner (Adult)
  • Rs. 1600 per person-In Winters Foreigner (Child under 12 years)


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